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Miscarriage: Understanding the Spontaneous Loss of Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy

Miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion, is a term used to describe the loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week. It is a devastating experience for couples who have been planning to have a child, and it can have significant emotional and physical consequences. According to statistics, about 10 to 20 percent of known […]

Advantages of Telehealth Appointments

Patient getting virtual consultation through telehealth program while talking with doctor

Telehealth appointments, also known as virtual or remote appointments, have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telehealth appointments has skyrocketed, and for good reason. Pregnant women are no exception to this trend, as there are many advantages to using telehealth appointments during pregnancy. One of the main advantages […]

Pregnant And Homeless

Dear Abortion Advice I’m living on a relative’s couch right now because I was kicked out of my apartment. I just found out I’m pregnant.  I have a job and am putting money away to get my own place but I’m scared. My emotions are all over the place. Some days I don’t want to […]

I Was In A Domestic

Domestic violence, angry husband shouting and beating woman, close-up photo, wife crying

Dear Abortion Advice: The father of my baby has a warrant out for his arrest but he still comes around and I am so lonely that I let him in.  This has been going on for 6 months and now I am pregnant again. He has been in and out of jail for beating me […]

Dear Abortion Advice From Scared Of Pain

Portrait of a african arab student serious looking straight to camera while waiting nervous

Dear Abortion Advice, I am afraid of the pain of childbirth.  But I am over 20 weeks pregnant and so now I am also afraid of the pain of an abortion.  What should I do?   Scared of Pain Dear Scared of Pain, You actually just need to let your OBGYN doctor know about this […]

Dear Abortion Advice From Recent Abortion

close up of pills and pregnancy test on ultrasound image

Dear Abortion Advice, I just had an abortion and now I am pregnant again.  I am thinking of trying the abortion pill this time.  What do you think?   Recent Aborti Dear Recent Abortion, I would go in to be checked by your doctor.  If you are still having a positive pregnancy test after a […]

Dear Abortion Advice From Curious

Woman using phone on bed

Dear Abortion Advice, I went into a clinic and was asking about abortion. The person I met with did not sound very encouraging about the abortion pill. Why is that?   Curious Dear Curious, Different people have had different experiences and so that is going to have an effect on the advice or recommendations they […]