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Boyfriend Not Willing To Pay Towards Abortion Cost & Worried About Not Only Abortion Cost, But Cost To My Relationship

Relationship problems, including the partner’s objection to carrying the pregnancy to term, are one of the top reasons women give for having an abortion. Unmarried women were more likely than married women to say their abortion was mainly motivated by relationship problems, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

The Guttmacher Institute continues with, “Underlying this general reason are such specific ones as that the partner threatened to abandon the woman if she gives birth, that the partner or the woman herself refuses to marry to legitimate the birth, that a break-up is imminent for reasons other than the pregnancy, that the pregnancy resulted from an extramarital relationship, that the husband or partner mistreated the woman because of her pregnancy, or that the husband or partner simply does not want the child.”1

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Crisis in relationship

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